• Real Estate Trading/Sale/Rental

    One of the biggest problems of the housing sector is to find a reassuring and reliable real estate company. Residential customers mostly complain about how these companies fail to deliever after they paying the deposit for the house they want to rent or buy, the deposit ends up losing its value.

    Myra Properties purchases the asset, so when transacting with our clients the home sale has already taken place, this in turn protects our clients from wrong dealings. Myra Properties presents itself in the transaction deed on behalf of the buyer which gives the process speed until it is done. During this process we also gurantee the retention of the deposit which was paid by the buyer. We also have to protect the rights of the property owner, if the buyer decides not to get the property on uneven grounds, the owner will be given the deposit.

    Myra properties will followw through the property's land registry office poslish up the sale and appropriately facilitate the entire legal process until the last stage. Myra properties purpose is to help you find the most suitable property for the budget and make the process as transparent and easy, both to the buyer and seller.