• Hiking in North Cyprus

    For some tough exercise and exploration, start making your way towards the Kyrenia Mountains, where you are almost guaranteed the scenery, wildlife and fresh air ALL to yourself. A great place to get that peace and quiet you’ve been craving! Almost all your senses quiver in excitement when spring approaches as there are breath taking mountain tops of wildflowers to see, the sweet smells of the flowers to absorb, the calming singing of the birds to listen to and the warm heat and gentle breeze to feel on your skin. Allthought THE Autumn season may be better for those who do not like long hikes in high temperatures.

    Kyrenia Mountain Castles

    The mountains of Kyrenia have always come to the rescue for the inhabitants of the island as they were used as a tool of defence against foreign enemies. There are not only spectacular views to be admired from the high heights of the mountains but also hidden castles amongst the trees, such as the crusader castle of Buffavento. Make sure you get your hiking shoes at the ready as the route leading to the Buffavento Castle is steep and tiresome. Don’t let this put you off as you shall certainly collect the reward of your efforts when you look down upon the unbeatable views from a height of 3,084 feet.

    Another castle waiting to be discovered by you within the Kyrenia castle is the Kantara Castle. The location of this ancient castle and the forest station situated nearby makes for a great picnic and barbeque occasion with your friends and family during a sunny day.