If you happen to walk along the Old Harbor in Kyrenia, you will be amazed by a panorama of fishing boats making a long wavy line all along. Fishing has traditionally been a feature of this area and the eastern part of the harbor has remained the area for local and foreign residents to moor their boats there.

Although the local way of fishing in THE Kyrenia region is by using nets or by using a long batted line with hundreds of hooks, in Northern Cyprus dwell lots of expatriates from the UK or elsewhere who fish by rod, multiplier reel and trolling. Trolling presents a plastic lure on the end of the trace and line, being pulled behind the boat at a speed of between six to ten knots. This is dragged just under the surface of the water, the level where the fish tend to go to feed.

Favorable weather conditions of the Mediterranean provide the possibility of being able to go out on the sea for most days of the year. The haul ranges from peacock and rainbow wrasses, blennies and gobies, small parrot fish, mackerels, cods, plaices, sea basses, breams, eels but the experienced fishermen enjoy going for the larger ones like tunas, swordfish and mineri. Picarel of Marida (maena smaris), red soldier fish and two siganids (rabbit fish) belong to the most abundant commercial fish in Cyprus.
Apart from Kyrenia, the most developed fisheries of North Cyprus are those of Güzelyurt and Famagusta region, particularly the Karpaz peninsula.

Fishing in the waters off Cyprus has become a traditional element of the island’s face. Although the aquaculture industry of Cyprus is fast-growing, the fish harvested every year from traditional trawling and inshore boats, is still small as well as the fish industry generally, and most of the fish is imported. However, there is a very large variety of fish, which exceeds 80 species.

Angling in Reservoirs

According to the revised Fisheries Law Cap. 170 of 1990, the Fisheries Regulations of 1990, Regulation 12, special licenses must be obtained for those interested in angling in dams from the Head Office of Fisheries Department and Marine Research in Lefkosia or from the District Offices of Fisheries Department.

Fishing Trips

From the harbor of Kyrenia there can be organized private charter & daily sailings as well as the fishing trips. The sailings are available for groups and families wishing to explore the coastline or just relax on the open sea. The season lasts from mid March until the end of November.

The fishing trips are provided by a day ticket, with the experience and technical equipment for the fellow anglers having a chance to fish at great deep sea.