• ECO DAY Festival of Büyükonuk (Komikebir) Village

    The Eco Day Festival is held twice in a year by the Eco Tourism Association every year in May and October. The festival promotes traditional Cypriot customs, dishes and specialties.

  • International Bellapais Music Festival

    The traditional North Cyprus International Bellapais Music Festival, internationally known, takes place annually from May to June.

  • International Famagusta Art and Culture Festival

    This festival takes place annually from may to june. It is one of the most popular and Impressive festivals in North Cyprus.

  • Cyprus Theatre Festival

    Nicosia Municipality holds this event annually in September.

  • International Kyrenia, Templos Olive Festival

    This festival is held every year in october by the municipality of Girne to celebrate and give thanks to these trees and the fruits produced.

  • Güzelyurt Orange Festival

    The Municipality of Güzelyurt holds this event every year from June to July. There are many interesting activities including folkloric activities during the festival.

  • Girne Art and Culture Festival

    The Municipality of Girne holds this event every year in August. There are many traditional activities and concerts during the festival.

  • Iskele Traditional Festival

    The Municipality of Iskele holds this event every year during June-July. It has many traditional activities.

  • Mehmetcik Grape Festival

    The Municipality of Mehmetcik holds this event every year in August. Villagers offer many local products made from grape.

  • Geçitkale Hellim Festival

    The Municipality of Geçitkale village holds the hellim cheese festival every year in August-September. The villagers produce many dishes from hellim which you can sample and purchase.

  • Tatlısu Carob Festival

    The Municipality of Tatlısu village holds this event every September. You can sample and purchase many dishes made from carob.

  • Tepebaşı Tulip (Tulipa Cypria), Lapta Festival

    Tulipa Cypria tulip is under protection in North Cyprus. It can be found at the villages Tepebaşı and Avtepe. So, nature lovers is organizing this event at the village of Tepebaşı, Lapta every year in March and if you are lucky you will see those tulips as well.

  • Avtepe Tulip (Tulipa Cypria) Karpaz Festival

    The tulip cypria tulip is under protection in North Cyprus. It can be found in the villages of avtepe and tepebaşi, the festival is held annually in march in the village of avtepe in the Karpaz.

  • Lefke Walnut Festival

    ‘Ceviz macunu’ (Walnut desert) is a local traditional desert which can be sampled at this festival.

  • Lefke Date Festival

    The Tourism Association of Lefke together with the of Municipality hold this festival every year in November.

  • Lapta Tourism Festival

    Lapta is one of the popular tourist destinations in North Cyprus. The municipality holds this tourism festival every year in June. Many activities and local produce can be found during the festival.

  • Bellapais Silk Cocoon Festival

    Every year in may Green Peace Action Association holds this event at Bellapais where the villagers exhibite their handicrafts made from silk. The Monastry may also be visited.